Neutrino Sessions

From 1995-2001, I worked on and off recording a handful of songs that eventually turned into a twelve track CD called "The Neutrino Sessions". The first four tracks are the only ones with a full band workup and were recorded in my friend Joe Griffin's basement. The rest are all single-takes of me and my guitar from the final mixing/recording session we had 27 April 2001. In all cases except "Squirrels", I wrote the words and music. The musicians on the recordings are Joe Griffin on lead (and other) guitar, Andy Magnuson on bass, and Peter Griffin on drums and percussion. Joe Griffin did the sound engineering magic. Joe, Andy, and I acted as producers.

You can listen to each of the songs on mp3 and read some liner notes and lyrics for each song, by clicking the links below.

James Dean | My Grandfather | Trainstyles | Emerald Lady Alien | Neutrino of Love | Driving Dreams | When I Was Away | Socrates Dancing | Love is Coming | Gemini #1 | Gemini #2 | Squirrels
All the songs are Copyright 2001 by Dylan Casey.
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